Farmer’s Market Colors (Early Summer 2022 Photos)

Farmer’s Market Colors (Early Summer 2022 Photos)

Farmer's Market Colors

I love the farmer’s market for it’s flavor, it’s nutritional value, for it’s zero waste, for it’s low carbon footprint, for eating local and supporting area farmers, and for being a great place to run into friends, which are all more than reason enough to happily go.

But oh my gosh– I especially love it for its COLOR! The colors, shapes, and textures feed my artist’s soul. Check out in the photos here what’s been floating my boat.

The collection photos on our picnic table are what I’ve bought each week.

This Saturday pilgrimage keeps me creative and nourished. I’m so grateful for it!

















































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  1. Dilys 2 years ago

    Wow Polly! The glorious bounty of nature! How do you limit yourself to buying what you need and not a bit of everything?

  2. MM 2 years ago


  3. John Gregory 2 years ago

    I can smell the mint♥️

  4. Sue+Krevitt 2 years ago

    A…BountifulHarvest, from you-and-your-camera!

    Farmers’ Markets are Wonderful, for sure!

    Thanks for the Foto-Feast!!

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