Overcoming Impositions to Spiritual Growth (Quote by Jill Gooding)

Overcoming Impositions to Spiritual Growth (Quote by Jill Gooding)

overcoming impositions to spiritual growth

“Today, as yesterday, worldliness and material-mindedness continually argue against holiness and spirituality. We are sometimes tempted to give in to apathy, indifference, fear, rebellion, and resistance to good. Such mortal impositions are not new; they have tempted many before us. The quality and quantity of our sense of increase—of growth Spiritward—are directly related to our ability to recognize and overcome these subtle yet aggressive forms of the anti-Christ. But true motivation, discipline, persistence, and self-sacrifice defeat the influences that would put a brake on our spiritual progress. When these impeding impositions of error are recognized and overcome, our lives soar, healing becomes more spontaneous, and the self-imposed barriers that would stop us from sharing our sparkling spiritual joy with mankind are dissolved.”

by Jill Gooding

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  1. Kate+Gibson+Oswald 2 years ago

    Wise and timely wisdom and encouragement in the Jill Gooding quote.
    And I am still chuckling at the painting “ Straight Talk About Dicision-Making”

  2. Susan 2 years ago


    Thank you for sharing this welcome thought to redirect today’s thinking.
    I am grateful Polly.

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