Miscellaneous Photos from Our Trip to Califormia

Miscellaneous Photos from Our Trip to Califormia

Miscellaneous Photos from Our Trip to California

Here are my miscellaneous photos from our recent trip to California that were not included in posts here, here, here, here, here, and here. We went to visit our oldest daughter, who has a wonderful new job at the California Department of Education, and doesn’t get any vacation for her first six months. We also wanted to hear her read in church since she’s now Second Reader, as well as meet her boyfriend.

The photo above was taken on Father’s day, when we heard her read, and yes of course she was wonderful. We also liked her boyfriend, who is a First Amendment lawyer in San Francisco, and is very nice. We got to see our daughter’s new office on a Saturday night, during off hours, as you can see below.

All the other photos here are what randomly caught my eye around Sacramento without any topical reason, and there is also a fuzzy one of Alcatraz I took with my zoom lens in some pretty cool light. The plates of food I ate, but not the purple candy…


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  1. Gillian Smith 6 years ago

    Beautiful, Polly – love the goofy gourd and the fish but it is always tree bark that gets me … am often to be found inspecting (and possibly hugging) some beautiful bark! Lovely to spend time with family – the JOY is palpable.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 6 years ago

      Obviously I agree with you about the tree bark!

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