Books We Got and Gave at Christmas 2021

Books We Got and Gave at Christmas 2021

Books we got and gave at Christmas

The photo above (and the first images below) are the books I got for Christmas.

The other books on this post are the ones my husband received, and the ones we gave our daughters, some of which you may remember me reviewing in the past.  This does not include the books we gave our extended family.

We had a lovely holiday, and hope you did too. Did you give or receive any book you are particularly excited by? Tell us in the comments!



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  1. Sue Krevitt 2 years ago

    With Greaf Books/ideas like these ….I gotta get a Move On! Wow!

    Thank you (again and again) for sharing (again and again!)!

    Happy Every Day, Forever and Ever, Amen!

  2. Sue Krevitt 2 years ago

    Hi Polly ~ Kindly correct the typo in my above comment, if you can. Thx.

    I got: A Book About Nothing, by Robert Dvorak
    (A former Architect, and now a full-time author, watercolorist, art teacher)Fun book!
    Also The Ram in A Thicket, by George Wadleigh (Verrrrry interesting about Christian Science in
    this oh-so medical world)

    • Author
      Polly Castor 2 years ago

      Reading Ram in the Thicket myself.


  1. […] made his Apricot Nut Christmas Crown for me again, and wow, is it good. I loved all my presents; you can see the books we got here. You can also see some of our food below– we’ve been cooking incessantly. Also see some […]

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