Photos of Spring Trees

Photos of Spring Trees

Photos of Spring Trees

Spring seemed late this year, but once finally underway, it has burst forth with a vengeance. In this post are some of the many spring trees I have been enjoying. I am so grateful to get to witness all this beauty on a regular, seasonal rotation!

IMG_0699  IMG_6793  IMG_0416  IMG_0519  IMG_0374  IMG_0891  IMG_0370  IMG_6798  IMG_7061  IMG_0887 IMG_0562  IMG_E0570  IMG_0609  IMG_7082  IMG_0820 IMG_7110  IMG_6797  IMG_6963  IMG_7102
IMG_0366  IMG_7219  IMG_7043  IMG_0883  IMG_7105  IMG_0859  IMG_6881  IMG_0610  IMG_7020  IMG_6786  IMG_0404  IMG_7124  IMG_0608  IMG_0831  IMG_0572  IMG_6796  IMG_0613  IMG_0601  IMG_0889  IMG_7118  IMG_7114  IMG_7072  IMG_0824  IMG_0569  IMG_0369  IMG_0829  IMG_0363  IMG_0606  IMG_6799  IMG_7100  IMG_7092  IMG_6929

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  1. Jane Ellingwood 6 years ago

    Beautiful photos, Polly! You have such an eye!

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