Appreciating the Now

Appreciating the Now

Appreciating the Now

“Fall in love with where you are. Bow before what you have been given. Kneel before this precious moment. Let go of the hope that your happiness could ever depend on something as dream-like as the ‘future’, that your joy could ever be linked to the achievements of the ego.

Let go of the goal, lose your obsession with the destination, and bring the present into focus. Slow down. Be here. Breathe. Feel your feet on this sacred ground.

In reality, you are always here, even though much of your life you are trying to get ‘there’. It is possible to live without dissatisfaction.

It is possible to live a life that you love, honour a dream of the future, even have great ‘success’ in the eyes of others, yet remain completely connected, grounded, in deep appreciation of the Now.

It is possible to live from a place of slowness, savouring each instant of life, tasting the days rather than rushing through them.

The mind may call this ‘lack of ambition’. I call it sanity, because you never actually get ‘there’; you are always HERE.”

Jeff Foster

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  1. Gillian 7 years ago

    Thank you Polly – this means a very great deal RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

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