Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas

Some of you have asked for some ideas for good vegetarian sandwiches, beyond the classic peanut butter and jelly, which is of dubious nutritional value.

I have discussed the obvious egg options previously on this blog (Garlicky Avocado Egg Sandwiches) and (poached egg/cashew butter/salsa sandwich). And of course a perennial favorite is smashed avocado toast with a poached egg on top. I often opt for open faced sandwiches, but feel free to put a top piece of bread on any of these if you wish. Below, I have some other ideas for you.

But first, let’s discuss bread for your sandwiches. I suggest sprouted breads like Ezekiel (shown in this post), since they are more nutritious than most other bread options, and I strongly encourage you to choose at least an organic bread choice, or a gluten-free one, since our non-organic wheat sources are contaminated with toxins that you want to avoid. And in a future blog, I’ll share alternatives to bread altogether.

Shown on these two pottery plates that I made– above and below– you can see three other ideas for vegetarian sandwiches to try. They are all done on toasted bread.

The first one is made with goat cheese topped with roasted beet slices and fresh arugula; it is mellow and might do with a bit of vinaigrette for extra flavor, or some grated lemon zest as well.

The second one is made with hummus, Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Green Harissa, and olives. It is intense and amazing, and is my favorite of these three. This sandwich is vegan.

(If you want a sandwich with a top lid, my husband recommends putting these first two face first together, since the mildness of the one balances out the outrageousness of the other. But I like the contrast kept separate. Do what sounds good to you!)

The third one is smashed avocado, pesto, tomato slices, and grated carrot. This one is delicious too, and in my opinion, also needs some salt. With my Vegan Pesto, this sandwich is also vegan.

This is a great way to use up the odds and ends in your refrigerator. There are lots of other great combinations, but this should help get your creative juices flowing. Mix and match your vegetables, fruits, flavors, nut butters, herbs, sauces, and condiments.

Don’t overlook smashed banana, or slices of apple or peach in your sandwiches either!  Got some cooked beans or leftover baked sweet potato? Put them in! Be adventurous and have some fun. You’ll stumble on some favorites too.

In the comments, let me know what vegetarian sandwich combos you like!

Vegetarian Sandwich Ideas

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