Main Street, Ridgefield, Connecticut in Photos

Main Street, Ridgefield, Connecticut in Photos

Main Street, Ridgefield, Connecticut in Photos

I attend the church above on Main Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut. We have services Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, so before each one, especially in this glorious season –that is when it isn’t raining– I take a stroll down Main Street. Here are some photos of those weekly ramblings, and you’ll see why I enjoy it so much.

It is a lovely area, with beautiful homes, handsome gardens, and well maintained lawns. The sidewalks are set back away from the street.  I enjoy every detail, from the tree roots to the clouds. I am so grateful to habitually traipse through such stunning surroundings!

And since someone is bound to ask, I repeat that no, I don’t use photoshop or filters. This place really is just this vibrant in the mornings and evenings.

IMG_9392  IMG_9429  IMG_9388  IMG_2088  IMG_1727  IMG_9441  IMG_9427  IMG_2094  IMG_1723    IMG_9423  IMG_9439  IMG_9417  IMG_9431  IMG_2091  IMG_9430  IMG_1605 IMG_1729  IMG_1728  IMG_1613  IMG_1614    IMG_1606  IMG_1722  IMG_1604  IMG_1718  IMG_1611  IMG_1716  IMG_1607  IMG_1708    IMG_1601  IMG_1597  IMG_1440 (1)  IMG_8896  IMG_8901  IMG_1443

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  1. Joan Wolcott 6 years ago

    A lovely ramble through Ridgefield! I can almost feel the air… Thanks, Polly!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 6 years ago

      Your welcome!


  1. […] it is Sunday and I’m taking my usual walk along Main Street in Ridgefield before church (see my summer blog post of that walk here). As a special treat last Sunday morning, I met the woman who has lived in the gorgeous home above […]

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