Two New Ceramics Pieces out of the Kiln

Two New Ceramics Pieces out of the Kiln

Two New Ceramics Pieces out of the Kiln

Yesterday, these two new ceramic pieces came out of the kiln and I am delighted by them. I threw both on the wheel and carved both in the sgraffito method I enjoy. I am so glad they survived the firing process unscathed.

The plate with the blue flowers is the size of a big dinner plate, and the orange serving platter is quite large. I took a photograph of it below with my phone to show scale. Considering that the clay shrinks 33%, it was huge when I threw it– probably my most sizable yet.  I look forward to trying to make more!

IMG_9458  IMG_9459  IMG_9461

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  1. Deborah Dunne 7 years ago

    These are stunning…. how do you control your hand and get the perfect balance and circles and straight lines?
    You are a genius.

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