Ibis Photos

Ibis Photos

Ibis photos

I enjoyed watching and photographing the ibis on Sanibel Island. They use their amazing beaks to snatch shellfish out of their shells with great efficiency. One can see how natural selection would render their beaks that shape, but why the bright colors on the legs and beaks? They are very docile and coordinated. Their juveniles (see bottom photo) are especially striking. Have you ever seen one before? I had not.

IMG_9015    IMG_8834  IMG_8885  IMG_8815  IMG_8879  IMG_8813  IMG_8827  IMG_8869  IMG_8906  IMG_8876  IMG_8866   IMG_8888  IMG_8861  IMG_8860  IMG_9011  IMG_9159

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  1. Virginia 8 years ago

    I hope you will be putting these on your gallery page so I can buy greeting cards of the second one down.

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