Sanibel Island Shells

Sanibel Island Shells

Sanibel Island shell photos

The shells were magnificent on Sanibel Island. While not what my aunt saw 40 years ago, as you can see in this post they are still plentiful and stunning. We took over our host’s porch table with our finds, and brought home multiple tubs full to make into wreaths (me) and jewelry (our daughter). Check out in this post the incredibly beautiful bounty so humbly created by some of God’s small and hidden creatures. 

IMG_9503  IMG_8697  IMG_8800  IMG_9904  IMG_8713  IMG_9901  IMG_9376  IMG_8768  IMG_9391  IMG_8937  IMG_9642   IMG_9903  IMG_9361  IMG_9391  IMG_8783   IMG_9392  IMG_8781  IMG_8793  IMG_9500  IMG_9372  IMG_9520  IMG_9631    IMG_9508  IMG_8754  IMG_8658 - Version 2  IMG_8778 IMG_8800  IMG_9366  IMG_9441  IMG_9511    IMG_9637  IMG_9508  IMG_8681  IMG_8695  IMG_9361  IMG_8791  IMG_0099 IMG_9634  IMG_3300  IMG_8692  IMG_8677  IMG_8792  IMG_9907

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  1. Dave Horn 8 years ago

    Magnificent shells! Thanks for sharing, Polly.

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