Glorious October Foliage

Glorious October Foliage

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As you can tell by the huge amount of photos in this post, I love autumn in Connecticut! I am feeling so fortunate to live here. It is a privilege to witness this grand display of God’s amazing generosity, expressed in such vibrant color. Beauty is everywhere we turn.

IMG_1458 IMG_5177  IMG_5305  IMG_5388  IMG_5532      IMG_5980      IMG_5316  IMG_5045    IMG_5017      IMG_6128  IMG_5210  IMG_5996    IMG_5125    IMG_5378  IMG_5127  IMG_4995  IMG_6121  IMG_4247                IMG_6198    IMG_5071  IMG_6138      IMG_1442  IMG_6140  IMG_6117      IMG_5560  IMG_5545      IMG_5761      IMG_5249     IMG_5179  IMG_6145    IMG_1444  IMG_6032  IMG_1377  IMG_5798    IMG_5567  IMG_5498  IMG_5368  IMG_5264 - Version 2    IMG_5360  IMG_5499  IMG_1320                  IMG_5619  IMG_5636    IMG_5908    IMG_5696  IMG_1358  IMG_1357  IMG_6033    IMG_1447  IMG_6101  IMG_6111    IMG_6132      IMG_5172      IMG_6126      IMG_6153  IMG_4998  IMG_4263  IMG_4359     IMG_5001  IMG_6157  IMG_6194  IMG_5174      IMG_5075  IMG_1451  IMG_5183  IMG_6019

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  1. Jobina 9 years ago

    What a feast of Soul’s images! Thank you Polly.

  2. Jamie 9 years ago

    I drive the same roads as you Polly, and yet the leaves look more magical through your lens than through my windshield. You really do have an amazing eye for beauty.

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