Strong Opinions (New Large Abstract Painting in Pastel)

Strong Opinions (New Large Abstract Painting in Pastel)
Strong opinions painting by Polly Castor Strong opinions (26″x26″ pastel) by Polly Castor

This painting was prompted by one of my book groups that meet for dinner before our book discussion. (Last week we discussed Harlem Shuffle, see my review here.) During our dinner before, there was a vociferous conversation about book banning, with STRONG opinions expressed, not that I disagree. That’s how the idea of this painting was born.

In my work, I often teach people that “mere opinion is valueless,” and I stand by that in general. My poem here expresses that point of view. However, when Principle comes into play, maybe it is more like conviction than opinion.

This painting is large for a pastel, measuring 26″x26″. See the entire work above, and close up details of it below.

I’m submitting this new work to a big show, but if you are interested in purchasing the original, let me know, and it may become available in the fall.

Meanwhile, prints and merchandise of this image are available here.

What do you think? Are any opinions helpful?







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  1. Diane W 11 months ago

    This one is beautiful Polly..I can see loud strong opinions, others trying to soften them and still others gradually changing their minds in the soft smudgy edges. WELL DONE Gorgeous colours too.

  2. Brian G 11 months ago

    Book banning is simple – it’s not truly about books, it’s about control for what’s next on the list. That would be art and music.

    Your abstract painting suddenly becomes subversive (promoting independent thought), art is subject to authoritarian approval, all your works would be gone, and consequences if you should try to paint again in secret, let alone share it with someone else. Music is next and so on.

    Recent history did all this before, and even shut down Christian Science, although they lost WWII in the end. I guess those that are into book burning have never read a history book themselves.

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