Driving Through Utah and Nevada Into California

Driving Through Utah and Nevada Into California

Utah Photos, Nevada Photos

Here are the photos we took throughout Utah as we left I– 70 and took 121 north up to I –80, then through Nevada, and into California along I –80 West.

I didn’t expect Provo to be such a huge urban sprawl; I thought it would be something like Vale or Jackson Hole, but it is more like Denver.  In Nevada, one of those colossally expensive super fast military planes (all black and shaped like a stingray) flew over us so close to the ground it startled us to our very core! We were also surprised that the landscape changed almost instantly to one of more vegetation once we were over the California border. As we drove into the Sacramento Valley, it was 112°F!

We crossed the country from Connecticut to Sacramento in five days, which is fairly quickly, considering I did all the driving…

























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  1. Liz 9 years ago

    Does this landscape inspire you? So vast!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 9 years ago

      I have always loved it!

  2. Kami 9 years ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for letting us sight see along with you.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 9 years ago

      Glad to have you along!

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