Our Youngest Turns 16

Our Youngest Turns 16

cell phone for birthday

Our youngest turned sixteen today. Our tradition, as many blog readers already know, is to make huge birthday cookies that the birthday honoree gets to frost. Above you can see Laura’s creation today, which is very nice indeed. Frosting is a wonderful art media; she ate plenty of frosting in the process, as you can see from her psychedelic tongue.

The big excitement today was that when you turn sixteen in our home you finally get a phone – an iphone to be exact. She has been counting the weeks and then the days until this rite of passage would come to pass. And as you can see the photos, it was no less exciting when it happened, even though she has been anticipating it for a long time.

(She also received the book shown below, gift card money to her favorite beading supply company, and a gift card to pick out her cell phone case…)

I’m so grateful this child came to be with us 16 years ago!

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