Valentine Flowers and Newtown Love

Valentine Flowers and Newtown Love


When I went to the grocery today to buy a cauliflower for my sweetheart’s Valentine’s Day dinner I was touched and delighted to see the flower department swarming with earnest, sweet men of all ages, shapes and sizes pondering what expression of love their beloved would most appreciate. I was also overcome with the lovely variety of blooms. In this post I’m sending you lots as a token of beauty and appreciation from me. Much love to each and every one of my blog readers out there!

Today is also the two month anniversary of the Newtown shootings, and I include some shots of all the love poured out here related to that as well. There was a march on Hartford earlier today, the Newtown Healing Art Center opens today, and there are thousands of bells being made and hidden hearts being found…. The Second Law of Physics says that for every force there is an equal and opposite force… all this love that is being expressed here is coming right back at you!

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of Love as infinite and us all together in that Love, reflecting and expressing that Love… Wow. Accept a hug from me and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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