Happy Mother’s Day (with Photos)

Happy Mother’s Day (with Photos)


Happy Mother’s Day!

Children are the best gift. I’m honored just to “have” them; they are the best thing I ever “did!”

We have a tradition of buying our yearly annuals at a nice local nursery, Hollandia Nursery, as a festive Mother’s Day outing. We have done this for eighteen years at the same place. I always enjoy the flowers, the other patrons exclaiming over the plants, and especially the immense photo opportunity.

When the kids were little we’d bring them there to take their pictures among all the flowering glory. While we toyed with ideas for our yard’s palette of growing colors, we’d rejoice over how our children were growing and colorful as well. Last year, a gentleman there complimented my husband on what a “godly woman” I was! I remember this because it was so odd — what had I exuded to give him that impression and why was it to my husband’s credit?

Today the weather was more perfect for this tradition than usual; it was sunny and cool with a couple puffy clouds and a fresh, gusty wind. My full skirt billowed as we deliberated over what color impatiens to buy. (We picked orange and hot pink ones as you can see in the last photo.) In other years we’ve tried new things, but this year we bought the tried and true instead… impatiens, marigolds, zinnias, and salvia.

The multi-generational family that owned the nursery had clean cut seven year old sons cheerfully and dutifully packing plants in cars, their pockets bulging with what my daughter said were ten dollar tips. It was good to see the pleasant family work ethic passed on so happily, and one felt hope for the future.

The photos here are of our visit to the nursery, as well as a little basket of gifts my husband gave me today of things we needed anyway… replacements for the broken veggie steamer and broken timer, and a lemon zester, etc. He wrapped them charmingly with little hints on the outside, which I couldn’t guess at all, but once the item was opened, I saw the clues as painfully obvious. (i.e. “You have such a zest for life” or “when you get all steamed up.”) We also found a robin’s egg in the yard today since it was so gusty and I am saddened that it was not a good day for the mother robin. In the photo, it doesn’t look as fragile as it is. It is the color of a box or bag from Tiffany’s, that robin’s egg blue.

I am grateful that I know God as Mother as well as Father. My heart is so full of love for my children, I can imagine how that must translate to God’s enormous caring and love for me and all — all treasured, needed and appreciated.










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