Book Review: Sketchbook Confidential

Book Review: Sketchbook Confidential

Sketchbook Confidential

I’ve read through this book slowly, a couple of page spreads at a time: each artist featured here had two page spreads. I enjoyed seeing examples of artist’s private sketching processes and have them articulate how and why they do it.  Notice from the pages shown below, that the definition of “sketch” here is fairly broad.  What I liked best was hearing artists equate the process as spiritual practice; art for me is prayer, but this is not a view I often hear expressed by others.  Here are some of my favorite bits of text:

“Sketching has taught me that everything is worth paying attention to; it’s Zen-like, in that.  Being fully present.  Taking time to appreciate the moment.  Even, on magical occasions, that feeling of being one with my materials – the pen in the extension of my hand, my eye, my soul.”

“Life is full of serendipitous surprises.  I like to document them so not only do I remember them later, but because it heightens my enjoyment at the time.”

“Sketching is like meditation for an artist: If you’re thinking too much, you’ll never get a good idea.”

“A sketch is the physical extension of metaphysical experience.”

“When sketching, I am completely immersed.  I feel honored to be in nature, to give myself up to the process… Drawing is a form of meditation, one that can last for more than an hour. I lost myself so completely on one occasion that I rose slowly after an hour and a half on a sketch, two deer bolted from ten feet behind me, apparently looking over my shoulder.”











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