Movie Review: Rivers and Tides

Movie Review: Rivers and Tides

Rivers and Tides Am I alone in not having heard of Andy Goldsworthy? What a delight. I’m SO inspired! This documentary of this Scottish man’s sculptural art in (and with) nature is wonderful. What he did in this movie with dandelions, and then later with sheep’s wool was so jaw-droppingly gorgeous, it left me feeling somewhat stunned. Watching this was my treat on our “snow day” yesterday, during the “blizzard” that never happened here. Everything was (senselessly) cancelled a day in advance with plenty of warning. Little did I know what a treat this would turn out to be! I’ve now asked my inter-library loan for all of Goldsworthy’s books, thirsty for more of his carefully crafted images. I’ve never thought of myself much as a sculptress, with the exception of clay and felting and food, but this video hearkens me back to the fairy houses of my youth made in the tree roots by the stream in Drapid’s field or on the back side of Washtenaw woods. That was deeply essential, important work for me, which set early foundations for who I am. I’ve seen my children engage in similar enterprises during camping trips and hikes, and that tactile involvement with nature was one reason I made sure those excursions happened. This film stirs those desires again; the renewed desire to be creatively connected to the land came bubbling up in me. Lately I’ve turned more to painting and photography, but this film made me want to touch nature, not just see it, or depict it, or be in it! So check out this video when you are in a slow, meandering, meditative mood. In the meantime, you can wet your appetite by seeing some of Andy Goldsworthy’s work by clicking here, or clicking here. Enjoy! IMG_7972


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