95 Idea Killers

95 Idea Killers

95 Idea Killers

When blue skying creative ideas, beware of these idea killers. Deflect them and don’t let them come from you. Ideas need a chance to grow!

  1. It’s been done before.
  2. It doesn’t grab me.
  3. We’ve tried it before and it didn’t work.
  4. Those in charge won’t go for it.
  5. It doesn’t fit in with our system.
  6. Who is going to do it?
  7. It is not up to our standards.
  8. What will they say?
  9. You don’t really mean that!
  10. We don’t know how.
  11. We can’t handle that.
  12. It’s not aligned with our image.
  13. It’s not our style.
  14. It sounds too simple.
  15. It sounds too complicated.
  16. If it was a good idea someone would have already done it.
  17. We’ll never find the time to do it.
  18. We are not ready for that!
  19. It will cost a fortune.
  20. It will take too much time.
  21. We are already over-extended.
  22. That sounds crazy!
  23. What else do you have?
  24. Don’t fight the status quo.
  25. We’ve never done anything like that before.
  26. Has anyone ever done anything like that before?
  27. I don’t like it.
  28. You have got to be kidding.
  29. That’s a turn off.
  30. (laughter)
  31. (yawns)
  32. (silence)
  33. That’s not the way we do things.
  34. That’s not within your jurisdiction.
  35. Get a committee to look into it.
  36. Take a survey.
  37. It’ll just cause problems.
  38. It’s not our job.
  39. They won’t let you.
  40. How in the world did you come up with that?
  41. We can’t afford it.
  42. That’s really off the wall!
  43. You’ve got to be kidding.
  44. It’s just not feasible.
  45. Let’s be realistic.
  46. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  47. The timing is not right.
  48. Come on now, get serious.
  49. Are you really proposing that?
  50. I have a better idea.
  51. Don’t rock the boat.
  52. That’s a great idea, it’s just not for us.
  53. People will think we are silly.
  54. Bring it up again next month.
  55. They’ve been coming up with that one for years.
  56. It will never sell.
  57. It will never make money.
  58. It’ll never fly.
  59. It will never work.
  60. That would step on too many toes.
  61. Our conservative clients/members/audience won’t go for it.
  62. It will offend some people.
  63. They will kill us over this.
  64. Obviously, you misunderstood the request.
  65. Have you really given it much thought?
  66. Do you really think it will work?
  67. No one will understand what you are talking about.
  68. We need something more exciting.
  69. We need something more practical.
  70. We need something safer.
  71. We need something less stressful.
  72. That’s a subject for another meeting.
  73. You are getting ahead of yourself.
  74. Have you ever done this before?
  75. How do you know for sure it will work?
  76. It’s too in your face.
  77. It lacks pizzazz.
  78. It is too exhausting.
  79. That solves only half the problem.
  80. I never heard of such a thing.
  81. That’s interesting, but…
  82. Try again.
  83. Is that the only idea you have?
  84. What else have you got?
  85. No one wants to take a chance on that.
  86. Do you really think anyone would like that?
  87. That’s downright absurd.
  88. You think we’d risk that?
  89. No one has ever done that before.
  90. You are getting ahead of yourself.
  91. Let’s hear from someone else.
  92. There must be a better idea.
  93. You are going too far out on a limb.
  94. You expect too much of people.
  95. Why bother?

As an idea generator, don’t let this kind of response dampen your spirit.

Don’t let your ideas be killed!

As the one being pitched new ideas, try to give them room to breathe, and grow, and see the light of day!

Don’t be an idea killer!

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  1. Sue Krevitt 3 years ago

    Ha ha!! Though hardly funny, (yet they are!) these idea-stomper-onners are sure rousing!
    We have a saying in our family: “Human beings are a riot!” when we see a clear need to chuckle at ourselves at times, often!

    Thanks, Awesome-Polly!

  2. Sandi 3 years ago

    As an ex-corporate being, I look at those “killers” as a challenge to be more creative. Using your creativity in objection handling can really improve and solidify ideas. Don’t think of these as killers, think of them as encouragement to summon even more creativity.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 3 years ago

      I try! Still, it can be disheartening and dampen one’s spontaneous enthusiasm.

  3. Dilys 3 years ago

    Great Polly!

    Thank goodness for people who are open minded and ready to embrace new ideas or we would all still be living in caves!

    Limitless is the way to go.

  4. Allan May 3 years ago

    I can think of a few more:
    Don’t you have anything better to do?
    That’s crazy.
    You’ve always been an impractical dreamer.
    Come back when you have a realistic idea.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 3 years ago


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