Swimming Maine Waterfalls

Swimming Maine Waterfalls

Maine waterfall

We visited three falls in one day in middle Maine. We are grateful to our hostess who knew where to go! The first was in a woods close to Farmington, Maine; it was a high shear drop that was hard to get a vantage point on (see first photo below) but the sound was wonderful. The second water fall of the day was the most impressive. It was called Small’s Falls (click here for info) and was a tall waterfall with large drops and three levels of swimable pools, which you climbed to over an exposed root system. The water was unbelievably clear and invigoratingly cold. The last waterfall of the day was the rapids of the Sand River near Phillips, Maine, where the water had carved out interesting shapes in the rock which were fun to explore, both in and out of the water. Laying buoyed in the rapids renders you weightless in a profound way, and I found it a very inspiring place to pray. What a wonderful day!

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