Massaged Kale Date Salad (Recipe)

Massaged Kale Date Salad (Recipe)



Massaging kale is the way to go. Breaking it down with some shredding, a little salt, some tough love, and some good dressing, makes it less bitter, more flavorful, and able to be good in the refrigerator for days (although add your nuts and avocado later).

This salad has a mixture of sweet and sour, and a full range of textures. It is delicious and healthy.

Date syrup is shown in the photo below on my grocery shelf. It has less sugar in it than maple syrup, and using it was the genesis of this recipe. However, if you only have maple syrup, using that would be fine here too.

This recipe is for two people as a side salad, like shown above, but can be multiplied for more as desired.

Massaged Kale Date Salad Recipe

1 bunch lacinato (dinosaur) kale
1/2 lemon, squeezed
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 drizzle of date syrup
2 pinches of seas salt
a shake of crushed red pepper flakes (1/4 teaspoon?)
1 tablespoon good olive oil
4 mejool dates, chopped
1 avocado, pitted, peeled, and chopped
a handful of toasted nuts (I used walnuts)

Remove the kale from ribs, and chop into bite sized pieces. Place the kale in a bowl and add one pinch of salt. Grab handfuls of kale and rub them against each other. Kneed them. The harder you are on it the more tender it will be. You are done when it is no longer leathery.

Make the dressing, by mixing the lemon juice, crushed garlic, date syrup, salt, and red pepper flakes. Whisk together and while whisking, add in the olive oil.

Pour the dressing over the kale leaves, and use your hand to massage and mix it in. Add in the chopped dates, avocado and nuts.


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