Kenyan Lifestyle

Kenyan Lifestyle

Kenyan Street

This is my last post of four on my daughter’s experience in Kenya. To see the other posts click here, and here and here. These photos show a glimpse of the Kenyan lifestyle…

P1050001 P1040973 P1040971 P1040965 P1040795 P1040794 P1040501 P1040508 P1040493 P1040245 P1040136 P1040242 P1040153 P1040160 P1040132P1040145 P1030858 P1040130 P1030792 P1040142 P1030789 P1040051 P1030615 P1030612 P1030880 P1030595 P1030591 P1030590 P1030584 P1030861P1030545 P1030558 P1030541 P1030542 P1030540 P1030534


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