Frog Green Day

Frog Green Day

green frog

Yesterday after spending several hours of the morning on the phone with my oldest daughter at college helping her buy a ticket to fly to Kenya by herself to volunteer in a Christian Science school there this summer, my youngest daughter and I got out in the gorgeous day. By then it was hot. It got up to 87 degrees here in Connecticut on May 1st which is unusual. All week when I was too busy, I’d been hankering for a bike ride, so we went even though it was practically sweltering. In the bottom photo you can see the verdant foliage we biked through on our rail trail. We stooped to visit with a frog on the path; his nose was the same color as the leaves! Melting, we did not go as far as usual, and went instead to our quarry swimming hole. Just like frogs, being in water sounded good! We’ve never before been to the quarry this early to swim, and the frog chorus there was wonderful. Due to their variegated pitch, you might think they were birds singing if you didn’t listen closely. After swimming, my daughter caught three more frogs and dug a menagerie for them in the sand. There were no other sounds of humans, no traffic, no airplanes, just frogs and green and us, knit together in blissful serenity. These are the kind of days I’ll remember, not the hectic busy ones. Vivid days. This one was bright green.

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