Photos of Crocus

Photos of Crocus


Here are crocus photos that I’ve just taken in this lovely weather we’ve been having. (You can see last year’s crocus photos by clicking here). I like the shadows on the petals and how the crocus in the lawn are bluer in the shadow of the tree.

This kind of detailed witnessing enriches my experience; I even find it spiritually profound. These early blooms rejoice in the sun after pushing aside last year’s leaf litter. Focusing closely in this way not only stimulates me, but translates to more authenticity in my art. Enjoy these delicate beauties!

IMG_0843 IMG_0716 IMG_0810 IMG_0690 IMG_0651 IMG_0825 IMG_0770 IMG_0692 IMG_0805 IMG_0675 IMG_0811 IMG_0714 IMG_0822 IMG_0852 IMG_0834 IMG_0659


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