Abstract Photos Taken in the Reflecting Pool

Abstract Photos Taken in the Reflecting Pool

Abstract Photos Taken in the Reflecting Pool

I took these abstract photos in the plaza reflecting pool in Boston. I love the ever-changing compositions, and undulating shapes. I find these ephemeral moments fascinating. These photos make clear that abstractions are not a departures from reality, but looking more closely at it, as I teach my students. How closely are you looking?





















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  1. Christi 1 week ago

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing 🙏

  2. John+gregory 1 week ago

    Looks like your creations!

  3. Cheryl Patterson-Zaic 1 week ago

    I love these photos. I want you to show me your phone settings to take them.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 1 week ago

      Nothing special. Point and shoot.

  4. Missy Sabates 1 week ago

    Such beauty captured by your brilliant eye!

  5. Brian G 1 week ago

    What I see is the individualized canvas of consciousness; of God, Good, reflected into the stillness of the pool.

  6. Linda G-F 1 week ago

    I love those!

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