Photos of Early Spring

Photos of Early Spring


Yeah! Spring is officially here! A chorus of peepers sing out for their sweethearts, and carpets of scilla paint the ground an unexpected brilliant blue. I first remember seeing scilla in the movie Little Women and thought it magical, and then was delighted to find it here in Connecticut near old fashioned homes.

I’m resigned not to ever have peepers in my yard but we’re trying to introduce scilla in our lawn. We’ve got about twenty bulbs in their second year huddled at the base of our weeping cherry. If you’d like to try an early spring carpet of blue for yourself click here. They spread with age; the above lawn has been doing this since long before we came eighteen years ago! As far as I can figure out, the scilla and the skunk cabbage are the first to bloom here, and along with those fabulously vocal peepers, they are the harbingers of this new season. Enjoy!

IMG_0795 IMG_0325 IMG_0791 IMG_0631 IMG_0794 IMG_0324


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