Guadeloupe (Day #2: Beach Day at Saint Anne)

Guadeloupe (Day #2: Beach Day at Saint Anne)

After all the physical activity of the previous day, a beach day seemed in order, so we went in search of some turquoise water, which has to be sought out on this island, since it is not as ubiquitous as the Caribbean stereotype would assume. Nevertheless, we found it in Saint Anne, and spent the day along the shore in two different spots, with the one after lunch being particularly idillic, sporting a mountain view. We spent longer there, both reading and swimming, and I also painted. A visit by the iguana was also a highlight.

Lunch was at a restaurant on the beach, with chickens strolling through, and for dinner we had cheese and crackers back in our AirBnB. Starting to feel more rested, we’re ready for more action tomorrow.


























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  1. Susan 1 year ago

    Gorgeous pictures!

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