Recipe: Peach Cobbler

Recipe: Peach Cobbler



By way of an update on our peach tree – I mentioned that we had lots, and I wasn’t exaggerating – the tree was so burdened with peaches that the largest branch of them actually broke off under the weight and came crashing down!

This cobbler is the first thing we made with our peaches, and I use the phrase “we” loosely here since my husband actually made it and deserves all the credit. He is a cobbler person more than me, and he made this for our church pool party yesterday and it won rave reviews. He found the recipe by googling “peach cobbler,” and I think fell for Paula Deen’s southern accent as much as anything, on the top cited recipe, which you can get by clicking here; it is from the Food Network. Be sure to watch the video, not only to see how easy this recipe is, but to catch her great drawl. Then try the recipe and enjoy.

For those of you that wanted to know where he got the peach tree it was purchased from a Christmas gift certificate a couple years ago from Stark Brothers (click here to see their website). He recommends planting them in the fall, so now is a good time to think about it. Ours is called a dwarf and will it not get very big. Give planting a tree a try too if you have sun; the tree is very inexpensive at $25ish when you consider the bushels and bushels of peaches you’ll enjoy over the years.

Also see my other peachy photos below, including a serving of cobbler with its component homegrown peaches, a photo of the downed branch, and some refreshing water at the pool party which was a perfect compliment on a humid day…












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