Book Review: Joseph

Book Review: Joseph

Book of Joseph

Both my husband and I throughly enjoyed this book! I give it an enthusiastic five stars.

Terri Fivash has an amazing storytelling ability. She fills in all the edges around the Bible story of Joseph in such a believable way that you come away feeling you understand him better and appreciate him more. She does not deviate from the Bible account at all, but amplifies it with countless possible details. And as a homeschooling mother with more than a passing acquaintance on the subject of Ancient Egypt, I can vouch that this author solidly knows and conveys that time period accurately.

The only challenge here is there are many characters to keep track of –mostly having Egyptian names– but with intermittent use of the name pronunciation guide in the front, this is navigable with a little patience, and soon becomes effortless.

I highly recommend this book and am sorry it is over. I wouldn’t be surprised it my husband reads it again. What a delight! From now on, one of my names for God will be El Shaddai… for which I am also grateful.


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