Movie Review: Food, Inc.

Movie Review: Food, Inc.


This is a great movie which I would strongly encourage everyone to see. I give it five stars. Not only is there important information shared but a real need for individual action afterwards on the part of the audience to remedy the situation. Consumers, like all of us, are the ones that will have to turn this situation around, and this movie gives you not only the motivation but the inspiration to do just that. It ends with the specific things we can do to bring the change so desperately needed to the system. This subject is vast, so some parts were only briefly touched on, but I only noticed that since I have read a lot on the subject. For someone’s first encounter with this information, there is a lot there, and it is plenty sobering. I did not feel the movie was gruesomely portrayed nor sensationalized, but was rather matter of fact in tone. It covers the topics below:

  • how a handful of companies control our food system
  • how government policy is generated for and by these food companies, for their interests and not ours
  • how these companies do not want the public to know what’s in their food or how it is processed
  • how these companies exploit their workers and keep their suppliers compliant by making them dependent and burdened with debt
  • how food gets unsafe and dangerous with e coli and salmonella and how little is being done about it
  • how Kevin’s Law needs to be passed so more kids don’t die of contamination
  • how it has become illegal to save seed the old fashioned way and how farmers are being forced through intimidation to buy only genetically modified seed
  • how government heavily subsidizes corn, making fast food cheap, and by contrast fruit and vegetables then are too expensive for many
  • how the rise of diabetes has occurred in America’s youth
  • how most of our food is made up of corn and petroleum
  • how most food travels an average of 1500 miles
  • how food is half of the American carbon footprint
  • how vulnerable our whole food system is, should we no longer be able to rely on colossal amounts of petroleum
  • how the tide is starting to turn with people buying organic, but how successful organic companies are being bought up by the former mega-conglomerate controllers of the system
  • how your vote and your consumer dollar has power

There is something we can do about this but it won’t happen if people don’t have the information. I’ve spent years reading about this stuff. This short movie gives a good overview of this situation with recommendations for action at the end. These recommendations are not hard, and are mostly based on consumer choice away from subsidized, modified food. We must cast our vote on this issue both politically and financially to protect our future. 

Click here for the movie’s website.



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