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  • Flowers of Indian Summer

    By on October 12, 2011

    During the stellar weather we’ve been having lately, I’ve enjoyed these flowers…

  • Photos of a Marsh Morning

    By on October 11, 2011

    As of yesterday, we have a bridge being replaced on one of our most commonly used back roads. For...

  • Autumn Enhanced Architecture

    By on October 28, 2010

    I live in a beautiful area. You can get a whiff of it here, enhanced by the golden season...

  • Autumn at New Pond Farm

    By on October 12, 2010

    Most weeks I get to spend time here… What a privilege!  

  • Early Fall Photos

    By on October 11, 2010

    I love when the trees start turning…

  • Early Vibrant Vines

    By on October 4, 2010

    I screeched to a halt on a bike ride to take these photos. (Not bad for an iPhone, right?)...

  • Other Fall Photos

    By on November 14, 2009

    Well, the leaves are down now and our first frost has abruptly withered the flowers. It is hard to...

  • Photos of Red Maples

    By on November 13, 2009

    A week ago these trees were glowing and awesome, beginning to blanket the ground in crimson carpets. Now these...

  • Pumpkin Photos

    By on October 30, 2009

    Pumpkins are wonderful. After all, they’re such a great color… Enjoy this year’s photos of them…

  • Photos of a Wordless Walk

    By on October 26, 2009

    I was inspired to invite my husband on an unusual walk today, where we both agreed in advance that...

  • Photos of Fall Foliage 2009 Part 2

    By on October 22, 2009

    Yesterday I posted on this blog Part 1 of my fall foliage series (see here), which I continue today....

  • Photos of Fall Foliage 2009 Part 1

    By on October 21, 2009

    Since a child I’ve loved a deep blue October sky fringed in fall leaves. I like everything about it,...