Sunrise of Africa School

Sunrise of Africa School

Sunrise of Africa School

This is Sunrise of Africa School where my daughter Virginia volunteered. (Click here for their website.) It is a Christian Science school outside of Nairobi, in Kenya. There are two different locations with two different uniforms, as you can see in the photographs my daughter took below.

This school is growing fast and takes in kids on scholarship (such as the Masai family shown on yesterday’s blog: click here to see). You can email the school off the website if you’d like to consider sponsoring a needy child’s tuition, I believe it is $30/month. (Or click here to see how to donate.) The school has what they call “Monday School” in place of Sunday School where they teach the ten commandments and the beatitudes, as well as do hymn singing. At assembly every morning the Lord’s prayer is said together. Their motto of “strive & trust” is coupled with the hope that they are teaching Kenya’s next generation of leaders.

The kids are great as you can see here. Very endearing! My daughter loved teaching them. She led hymn sings, and taught English, Science and Math. These children are brought up with a tribal language and learn both Swahili and English when they come to school. In addition to learning, they get lunch.

Virginia is very grateful for all the loving support she had from Christian Scientists here, that made it possible for her to go and contribute personally to these wonderful children of God.

Enjoy these many terrific photos…

P1040828 P1040423 P1040823 P1030784 P1040392 P1040387 P1040389 P1040380 P1040813 P1040370 P1040349 P1040886 P1040949 P1040861 P1040873 P1040872 P1040832 P1040857 P1040854 P1040856 P1040855 P1040437 P1040348 P1040019 P1030775 P1030949 P1030957 P1030948 P1040852 P1030943 P1030942 P1030941 P1030935 P1030761 P1030754 P1030626 P1030739 P1030732 P1030738 P1030720 P1030723 P1030730 P1030679 P1030672 P1030718 P1030650 P1030649 P1030647 P1030640 P1030665 P1030663 P1030656-1 P1030630



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