• Movie Review: Miss Potter

    By on October 5, 2009

    Are you ever wanting a good movie without sex, violence or swearing? This is a film the whole family...

  • On Fire About Church

    By on October 1, 2009

    Driving home from church last night, my husband and I expressed gratitude for our individual and mutual commitment to...

  • My New Poem: Yearning

    By on September 28, 2009

    Yearning I’m too deep for friendship too raw and ready open and creative and capable difficult to understand while...

  • Home Sweet Home

    By on September 21, 2009

    Last year when I got home from Creative Arts Camp I was frazzled, exhausted and had serious difficulty transitioning...

  • Labor Day Fog Dispersing

    By on September 7, 2009

    I awoke to dense Labor Day fog, and pondered it in depth on the dock. The last time we...

  • My Parent’s 61st Anniversary

    By on August 28, 2009

    Today is my parent’s 61st wedding anniversary. My parents have relied on each other so much, one wonders if...

  • My Son’s 15th Birthday

    By on August 27, 2009

    We’ve been celebrating this all week around the college delivery. We had a combined farewell dinner/15th birthday dinner out...

  • Big Day: College Drop-off

    By on August 26, 2009

    Well, we finally pulled out of the driveway and drove to Annapolis. My daughter burned CD selections on the...

  • Eye of the Beholder

    By on August 25, 2009

    I have been contemplating rainbows recently, spurred by something I read in the Sentinel magazine (see here). As a...

  • Book Review: If I Live To Be 100

    By on August 23, 2009

    I enjoyed this encouraging book of lessons from centenarians, and give it five stars. Written by Neenah Ellis about...

  • Poem by Me: Receiving

    By on August 10, 2009

    You’d be proud of me, I’m actually cleaning out my office, which has been long overdue, but is finally...

  • Movie Review: Food, Inc.

    By on August 4, 2009

    This is a great movie which I would strongly encourage everyone to see. I give it five stars. Not...