• Recipe for Great Crab Cakes

    By on May 12, 2009

    Having been in Maryland recently, I finally had what was reported as the area’s “best crab cake,” but I...

  • Sour Cream Coffee Cake: Polly Castor recipe

    Recipe: Sour Cream Coffee Cake

    By on May 2, 2009

    My husband’s Aunt Clara fed us this delicious coffee cake when we were in Texas for Easter. She got...

  • Recipe: Lillie’s Corn Cheese Pudding

    By on April 16, 2009

    Well, I didn’t think about taking this picture until after I had started eating…  In the middle of the...

  • Photos of Secular Easter in Texas

    By on April 12, 2009

    We had a wonderful Easter celebration with my husband’s family in Texas.  Here are some vignettes of the trimmings. ...

  • Hope for the Ocean’s Seafood

    By on March 29, 2009

    This entry is a follow up to yesterdays’ entry on overfishing which you can read here if you missed...

  • Overfishing

    By on March 28, 2009

    My non-fiction reading in recent months has been consumed with reading about overfishing. I’ve been a vegetarian for...

  • Lemon Cake and an American Poetry Anthology

    By on March 14, 2009

      I had a pleasant Friday evening last night interspersed with intervals working in my office, making a Lemon...

  • Veggie Sausage and Rainbow Chard Lasagna

    By on March 10, 2009

    This lasagna was delicious.  As a base recipe, I used this one from Martha Stewart (click here for the...

  • How to Make Frizzled Leeks

    By on February 27, 2009

    This is how we make frizzled leeks at our house. I like the brown crunchy ones...

  • Dandelion Salad

    By on February 24, 2009

    I made this treat for my husband today… “Winter Greens with Egg Salad” from my new cookbook Simply Organic...

  • My Youngest Daughter Turns Twelve

    By on February 13, 2009

    Our family birthday tradition includes my mother’s recipe of cut out cookies in the appropriate digits...

  • Leftovers in My Refrigerator

    By on February 9, 2009

    My refrigerator is jammed full as it usually is. My rotation of food includes creating leftovers everyday and...