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  • New Poem: The Problem with Bullies

    By on August 31, 2013

      The Problem with Bullies   With bullies you lose whatever you do.   Most bullies don’t realize they...

  • Our Son Starts His Sophomore Year

    By on August 30, 2013

    I drove our son to Swarthmore today, where he will start his sophomore year in college. He was excited...

  • August 2013 CSA Produce

    By on August 29, 2013

    Our youngest daughter (in the red shirt in the photos) has a seasonal job in the CSA (Community Supported...

  • What Healthy Looks Like

    By on August 28, 2013

    I liked the bit below from this Bravewriter (homeschooling curriculum) newsletter written by Julie Bogart: “I made a list of what...

  • Our Son Turns 19

    By on August 27, 2013

      We had a nice time today with our son as he turned nineteen. He has grown up a...

  • I’m in this “Bedlam” Art Show

    By on August 26, 2013

      I have two pieces in this art show at the Ridgefield Guild of Artists. You have seen these two...

  • Movie Review: The Lorax

    By on August 25, 2013

      We finally saw this last night. It has been on our list to do so for a long...

  • Some Recent Links I Recommend

    By on August 24, 2013

      Thought you might be interested in these recent articles, bits and clips: You Never Know What is on...

  • Black and White Photos from Maine

    By on August 23, 2013

    Here are the black and white photos I took this summer in Maine.

  • Book Review: Robert McCloskey

    By on August 22, 2013

    While I was in Maine and in his stomping grounds, I read this biography of one of my favorite...

  • A Bumper Crop of Peaches

    By on August 21, 2013

    Our peach tree has so many peaches we had to install three props like the one shown below just to...

  • Prayer Paintings and Condolences

    By on August 20, 2013

    I have heard from so many of you with beautiful and heartfelt condolences, and I wanted to take this...