Make Your Own Rules (Book Review)

Make Your Own Rules (Book Review)

Make Your Own Rules book review

Make Your Own Rules, was recommended to me as a creative and content creator. Before listening to this recently, I had no idea who Andrew Huang was, but I now know that he is a musician and YouTube sensation, with his videos garnering millions of views. In this book, with frankness, verve and transparency, he shares how he built his niche by the seat of his pants, sticking with fun and authenticity as his guide words.

This book expresses an infectious enthusiasm for creativity regardless of roadblocks or unknowns. You see how he didn’t know what he was doing, but worked hard anyway at what felt genuine for him, and how it paid off in exponential ways.

If you need a jumpstart to feel like anything is possible, listening to this memoir, is like cheerleading for the creative soul. Plus if you listen to this on audio while driving as I did, you have the benefit of the author’s voice, which is both energetic and supportive.

I give this book 4 stars, only because since it is about the music and Youtube world, it wasn’t perfectly relevant to me. However, even if that is true for you too,  you might find hearing how someone found success online in an emerging digital world fascinating as well.


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