Hikes Photos from Huntington State Park (March 2024)

Hikes Photos from Huntington State Park (March 2024)

It has been a wet, muddy month, but nonetheless, we have been glad to get back outside as the temperatures begin to warm somewhat. I’ve discovered some new paths, which is a special delight, revealing these cattail marshes for the first time.

We’ve already heard spring peepers (listen during this short video I took here) and frogs (listen to them in this short video I took here). Amazing, right?

We have been rejoicing in all things SPRING, and as usual, I’ve often focused in close on texture, color, and composition.

Through these photos, you can join us on our March rambles. I’m so grateful for the wildness of this place.






































































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  1. John+gregory 3 weeks ago

    The trees have faces!

  2. Karen 3 weeks ago

    These photos are amazing Polly. You have captured every essence of spring. And very nice for us folks up north where it is still winter!! The colors are incredible too.

  3. Nancy O’Connor 3 weeks ago

    You are a master of capturing simple aspects of nature and seeing them for the works of art they truly are.

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