Four New Monoprints

Four New Monoprints

new monoprints by Polly Castor

I’ve been working on monoprints lately, since it is a step by step process that I can do in short spurts of small steps, during a busy season. Eventually the steps accrue. Right now, I’ve got my center table in my office/studio set up for this, so I can spend a few minutes between things, taking a monoprint one step further.

Like so many things, the key is knowing when to stop, and when to risk going further. Here are the ones I’ve called finished, but more are being pushed further, layering and combining techniques.

The one above is 9″x12,” the ones below are smaller. They are done in Golden’s Open Acrylic paint, which I’ve bought a bunch of, since it dries more slowly, and allows time for these techniques to build. Eventually, I’d like to produce these types of prints in a larger format for framed work. These are unnamed, since they were experiments, and will probably end up glued into an art journal.

What do you think of them?



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  1. Sue Wall 7 months ago

    I love them, especially the primarily yellow and green ones. They have a soft and light quality that lifts my heart.

  2. Mary Jo Beebe 7 months ago

    I have always loved your monoprints. These are beautiful! I think all of them could be framed.

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