Our New Raised Beds

Our New Raised Beds

I love our new metal raised beds. Our old ones were wood and crumbling. These are higher and tidier looking.

In the first couple photos below, you can see my husband working on them. This process took a couple months of intermittent hard work. All the way at the bottom is mesh to keep critters out from underneath, then there is a layer of tree branches, topped by our fabulous compost from our kitchen and yard scraps. Around them is plastic stripping to keep grass out. He devised an ingenious ramp out of sides from a previous raised bed to make them easier to fill.

The bed closest to our house is my cutting garden for flowers for the house and church. The middle one has garlic that is looking a little worse for being transplanted, and he’s just planted arugula in there. The front bed has our herbs.

So grateful for this progress!








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  1. Grace Keown 12 months ago

    What a great idea Polly! These look fabulous.
    Can I ask, did your hubby fabricate the metal beds themselves or did you purchase them already made?

    • Author
      Polly Castor 12 months ago

      He bought them online. They are late to be installed because he didn’t realize we need to purchase a (buried) metal support bar that holds them together across the middle so when he went to put them in he had to order that separately and wait for it to come. Anyway if you get them, don’t make the same mistake. I love them.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 12 months ago

      This where he bought it: https://www.vegega.com

  2. Susan 12 months ago


  3. Sue Krevitt 12 months ago

    Wow! Great James!

    We have raised beds, too, that ‘hubby’ has been using for decades now,
    for veggies and flowers. Worked well……howw-eveh…now he is in his “mid-80s” (tho he is very active and works, by choice, two jobs!) and wishes he had installed waist-height raised beds! Just fyi. A local company makes them, from redwood, tho, so too $$ to ship. You could check em out at knoxroofing.com….scroll down to his Knox Garden Blox. Mebbe start yer own biz with these, James, in yer “spare time!” (kidding)
    (Loving your: TheBibleSpeaksToYou.com – as you know!) Thanks both of you, for your daily inspiration along so many lines! So great. :<)))

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