Choosing Joy with Crabapple Photos

Choosing Joy with Crabapple Photos

Choose Joy with Crabapple Photos

While I took all the photos in this post yesterday, I was talking with someone on the phone, who was feeling that “life was a bit lackluster.” To me, the proverbial glass is never either half empty or half full– it is always totally full. We can’t have more than all, but we can’t have less than it either.

While listening, here I was in ecstasy over one simple tree outside the library, where I was returning the book I reviewed yesterday. Oh the heady fragrance! Oh the varying shade of the tight fisted pink buds! Oh the sunshine with the backdrop of dark brooding clouds! Oh the lush shadows on the rain nourished green grass! Oh the perky stamens in the fully unfolded blossoms! Oh the difference of looking at this marvel close up versus further away! Oh all the different stages on the same tree in a single, marvelous moment!

If life feels lackluster, open your heart, open your gratitude, open your attentiveness, open your receptivity– to joy! Life is bursting out all over, enunciating clearly its glory and diversity, exaggerating its magnificent beauty, trumpeting for your complete focus and awareness, reaching out to your soul with magnanimity. You just have to go forth to see it–say yes to it– with no preoccupation, no beleaguered agenda that keeps your shades closed, your eyes on your feet, or your backside on the couch.

One of the best compliments I’ve gotten on this blog was from a reader who had read it for a few years and said, “Because of your blog, I now notice the flowering trees in the spring; I had never noticed them before.” Wow. Okay then. Please! Notice all the splendidly spectacular good all around you! Life is here for us to thoroughly love!

A profusion of joy is there to be found each day. It may look different, with differing qualities and attributes each hour, but each moment it will be there, awaiting your shiny, luminous embrace. How exalting it is to meet it with appreciation and humble thankfulness.
























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  1. Dilys 12 months ago

    Beautiful Polly!
    And talking of joy, the grapes I shared with a friend yesterday were of the variety named “sweet joy” ! And they certainly brought that feeling to both of us! X

  2. K 12 months ago

    Lovely photos. Your spring is far ahead of ours!

  3. John+gregory 12 months ago

    My first birthday cake had crab apple blooms on it!

  4. Jacqueline Collins 12 months ago

    Thank you for the lovely pics ( nature is so ABUNDANT!) and for the reminder to SEE and appreciate the beauty all around us.

  5. Gillian 12 months ago

    How lovely! Our crabapple isn’t yet in bloom – Oh the heightened anticipation xx

  6. Brian G 12 months ago

    Open your receptivity – such a beautiful thought!

    Its as if those flowers aren’t just happy expressing themselves in isolation – you are witnessing a part of yourself in them. And their idea invited you to do so!

  7. Laura Beckering 12 months ago

    Thank you for sharing so many beautiful images and thoughts.

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