Fall Foliage Photos 2021

Fall Foliage Photos 2021

I need to live where the seasons change. Even though this was by far not our most spectacular fall– since we didn’t have a cold snap until recently– I thrive on every bit of this beauty. I live all year for it and can’t get enough of it. In this post, see my highlights of our fall foliage this month– a full dose of autumnal splendor!


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  1. Marge Thornton 11 months ago

    Thank you for the beautiful fall foliage!! Since I live in Arizona we don’t see that each fall!!

  2. Barb Urban 11 months ago

    Thank you for giving me my annual fall fix. Your pictures are so lovely. I can almost smell the fresh fall smells and feel the cool air. I live in Florida so this is a real treat. Thanks for all your interesting and creative blogs . Barb Urban

  3. carolyn Rusti Race 11 months ago

    absolutely magnificent…I too love the colors of autumn. thank you for sharing your photos.

    So enjoy your morning blogs.

  4. Dilys 11 months ago

    Beautiful colours! I am sure these images will feed into your abstract paintings! Awesome x

  5. Sue Krevitt 11 months ago

    MoM-Nature, Doing Color-Cartwheels of Brilliance and Joy!
    And Sharing it all with you, your camera, and US!!


  6. John gregory 11 months ago

    Could be Tennessee

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