David and Eliza’s Wedding (Photos)

David and Eliza’s Wedding (Photos)

David and Eliza's Wedding photos

Here are the photos of David and Eliza’s wedding that we went to in Texas on the way home from Mexico.

They met after church in College Station, Texas, because they drove the same white truck, and were parked next to each other. David works as an engineer and is an exceptionally sweet cousin of my husband’s, and the bride studied horticulture and works creating flower arrangements for weddings. The bride’s parents were very young, having had her at 21. David thought he had a big family, with 17 first cousins, until he met his bride who has 43!

It was great to see everyone, and to celebrate a union between two really well suited people that feels like it will last.

It was a lovely occasion, although between Covid and flight cancellations, not everyone was there. Out of 300 people, there were only four masks in evidence, two which were ours. We only took them off briefly for these photos. This is very different than where we come from in Connecticut, where wearing masks is still the norm.

Our highlight was watching James’ Aunt Clara walk down the aisle with her grandson, the groom. We both cried at that! At 93, she has bounced back from breaking her hip last fall, and it was wonderful to see her with her six great-grandchildren as well. We haven’t seen her, or many of these people, since before the pandemic.

I’m so grateful to love my in-law family so much! I really recommend it. In our wedding vows, we promised to make each other’s family our own, and we truly have done that.

Here’s to David and Eliza! Wishing them happiness in perpetuity!
































































































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  1. John Gregory 2 years ago

    Beautiful folks all!

  2. Clara 2 years ago

    So fun to see all those pictures! And I loved your ‘highlight’!

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