We Got Covid

We Got Covid

We Got Covid

While this blog’s overall theme is about amplifying good, I also want it to be real, and have no one put me on a pedestal, or think I’m bulletproof. Yes, I can be a tower of power, but sometimes I struggle with dumb luck and bad decisions too, as much as anyone. That I avoid it so much is the miracle for which I am grateful. I literally haven’t had a cold or the flu in decades.

Going to Mexico for some rest and relaxation, and then Texas for a wedding in February, we knew was fraught with possible weather and Covid problems. In November, when we bought the flights, things were looking better Covid-wise. We bought trip insurance, but when I started having cold feet about it in January, we realized that was for if they cancelled, not for if we did. So we went anyway.

Weather made the trip more wearing, with a two day delay getting to Mexico (fortunately not in the airport but a curtailed trip nonetheless), a one day delay getting out of Mexico (unfortunately in the airport), and delays as well back home after the wedding. It was enough to tarnish the trip, but we got Covid too.

James got it first, a more mild case. He started feeling iffy Friday in the Mexican airport. By the Saturday (before the Sunday wedding) he was enough under the weather we tested him, which came out negative. We went to the wedding with masks on. The people in Texas’ attitude about Covid was that “we’ve all had it already anyway,” although the groom informed us dozens of people had been unable to come at the last moment due to having it.

I got slammed with it partway through my birthday dinner that Monday, as we were on our way home from the airport. Looking back, I feel horrible that I was eating indoors in a restaurant, with a mask-less waiter, just off a plane while having Covid. I just didn’t know it yet, and I guess that’s the point of this post. Even Tuesday, when I was the most flattened, I tested negative. It wasn’t until I was a bit on the other side, on Thursday, that we tested positive.

Honestly, for two whole years, we have been very vigilant. We were extremely careful, avoiding this thing like the plague. If this had happened after we’d been slipshod and caviler, I would have felt different.

How did it happen? Other than the fact we finally left home at all, I feel like it is most likely James got it from one of three people he talked to (that I didn’t) in the resort in Mexico. There was a woman from Maine bending his ear about her ailments (Alzheimer’s) on the beach (which I remember wanting to drag him from because she was just TOO CLOSE) and two pastors he had a chat with about the Bible, although there seemed enough distance there.

Being majorly pissed off that I got this after such assiduous avoidance, was very much part of my experience. I don’t get angry often, and I was uncharacteristically so. I was mad that we hadn’t been more protected. I was upset we had made the wrong decision to go. I was raging that despite all our efforts, this was happening anyway. Should we have lost our money and stayed home? And if getting it wasn’t enough, I had to get it on my birthday?

Needless to say, that is not the best attitude for healing, but those are the facts. Like a baby with croup, breathing deeply in the shower helped. I’d like to think prayer helped too, although I was rather irate with God, so I’m not sure about that. Gratefully, we’re over it now.

I’m also grateful our daughter from California was unable to get to the wedding due to her plane being canceled because of weather on the east coast. She would have shared our hotel room in Texas, and would have been exposed. I’m so grateful for that fragment of grace and protection. No one we were with seems to have been contaminated by us.

In my state, they’ve just now finally removed the mask mandate. But my recent experience clarifies that this thing is not done running its course. The littlest conversation is enough. If you are like me, proud of having sidestepped this scourge, then maybe think again.

I’m fond of saying, keep the good, and let the rest go. Someday I’ll think of this Mexico trip without the overlay of frustration that has shrouded it since my return. I’ll remember the shadows in the palms, the sun on my skin, and the bougainvillea, instead of the overwhelming feeling I probably should have stayed home.

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  1. John gregory 2 years ago

    I hope the good news is that you shall walk away from this strong with your loving family healthily gathered around the home fire. You are a blessing. You are blessed.

  2. Dilys 2 years ago

    Bless you Polly! I don’t think it is right to cower in fear at home and I am sure you derived great benefit from your trip. Your photos were beautiful.

    I do have my own experience to tell. My husband and I were due to fly to Dubai last Sunday for a week’s break with our daughter and her family .

    We haven’t been anywhere over the last two years and were looking forward to the trip and some quality family time. The airline required a negative covid test taken within 48 hours of the flight. We were stunned to learn we had both tested positive! So no trip for us! Our daughter and family were all negative and I’m pleased to say they are having a great time exploring Dubai.

    It was hard initially to find anything to be grateful for in this situation, but we were free of any symptoms, which was a good start and our daughter stocked us up with groceries and a hamper of treats before she travelled.

    I am now negative and we hope my husband will be tomorrow.

    As the Bible says “it came to pass” and it surely will!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 2 years ago

      Oh, I’m sorry! At least you had no symptoms! Xxx

  3. JOSEPH DAHLET HERRING 2 years ago

    Kudos to you, Polly, for your bluntly realistic manner. I wish for you a speedy, thorough recovery.

  4. paula 2 years ago

    Hi Polly this is your CS pal, when I read the subject line ” I got covid ” I assumed it was meant as “handled covid”!
    I was sorry to read that you succumbed to it!
    This is an article by Evan Mehlenbacher that might help you fully recover: https://spiritview.net/know-your-immunity/#comment-489333
    Lots of Love

    • Author
      Polly Castor 2 years ago

      Yes, I read it and you are not the only one to have recommended it. However, I do not think a lack of spiritual mindedness opened us to Covid. Universal belief is often more of a factor in these situations, and I think it is important to acknowledge no blame to the individual. And by the way, as I mentioned, we have recovered.

  5. Loree 2 years ago

    Well said-as always! We do what we can and sometimes S—- happens! Stay well dear

  6. Dawn Graves 2 years ago

    My whole family had a similar experience when we traveled out to California to visit Kevin’s family for Christmas. As much as I’d like to have had this pass over us, it really turned out to be a fart in the wind, and not the hurricane level event the world has educated us to expect. 3-4 days of yuck, and then a very quick recovery. I’ve joyfully lived my life and traveled (carefully, and with respect for societal concern about this) throughout the past 2 years, and I don’t regret it. When all’s said and done, I feel like it was worth it to be able to see our family after 2 years apart. I’m glad this particular experience is in the rear view mirror where it belongs though!

  7. Judy 2 years ago

    Dear Polly,
    You and James and everyone cannot be punished for living an honest life. Having Covid, in my view, at the end of your trip was a test and you passed it genuinely and gracefully. When you look back on this trip, you will remember the beauty, relaxation and time with family as the highlights of it and Covid will be so far in the background that it will be forgotten. I’m not making light of the terrible struggles people have had the past two years; I just think it’s best, when one is ready, to move forward in one’s life and not regret it.
    Love from a Arts camp friend,

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