Today’s Poem (unpublished)

Today’s Poem (unpublished)

unpublished poem, unpublished poetry
Today I wrote one of the best poems I’ve written in a long time. Then, after major deliberation, I have chosen not to share it here to protect someone’s privacy, even though the issues and sentiments in it are all too common and familiar to people. That’s why it is such a powerful piece — most people can relate to it.

It is powerful too because it is raw and and states a problem (oh so very well, thank you) but without concluding with a solution, since I haven’t seen one yet. That makes the poem work as a poem, but spiritually makes it unhelpful. One reading it must sympathize — which the human mind loves to do — but spiritually this builds up the problem instead of diminishing it, and the last thing I’d want to do is to inspire anyone to feel more stuck.

Even though I expressed myself so intensely, I did not leave myself there; it was a momentary snap shot. The poet part of me deeply regrets not sharing this piece of writing, but the spiritual healer side has trumped that, in favor of not supporting anyone to wallow.What is my inspiration for writing poetry in this case? The poem was about frustration over arrogance and pride rendering someone helpless. It was about yearning for someone to change who is “insensible to bankrupt blessings and squandered possibilities.”

I look forward to the poem I write when this is all healed. Would that I could write a poem of hope, gratitude and joy that is as powerful as this despairing one was. It is fascinating to me that the human mind responds by assigning more power to pain than to happiness and resolution.

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