Two Words for the New Year

Two Words for the New Year

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My friend Christine has been picking a word or two to work with each year instead of a formal resolution.  She set me thinking about this.  Consequently, I have decided on two words I need to focus on this year: systematic, and streamlining.

It will not be hard for me to be more systematic if I try at all since I am not very systematic by nature.  But I have been systematic about my Box-a-Day Journal which has been a blessing that I want to expand.  This is one reason I’m doing the blog — to create more regular rhythm in my life. 

With two self-employed adults and three home-schooled children in the house, “systematic” is far from easy, especially since I’m on call 24/7.  But I am going to start to work it in more and more where I can. 

When the babies were tiny we fortunately accepted the advice to be systematic about their schedule.  We initially resisted that as an imposition but then found our freedom from it as the children where always happy with their needs routinely met, which in turn made us more free to go and blow and do things.

From that experience I know that having a more systematic life can be freeing and not stifling.   Anyway, I’m now the one who would benefit from my needs being routinely met and I think I will be able to do more good from this vantage point, should I be able to achieve it in some measure. I would rather become a systematic worker — never a dull one!– than continue in the widely mixed results of slippery, spasmodic efforts.

I am also in need of streamlining life on a daily basis.  This is true of my home, my office, my stuff, my body, my thinking and my time.  I considered words like de-cluttering or purging, but they seemed to focus on getting rid of what I don’t want instead of an emphasis on claiming what I do want to the exclusion of all the other stuff. 

I see so many possibilities in things and people and activities that it is often hard to weed through it all and defend shifting priorities.  I need to keep a streamlined ideal in front of my thought and ruthlessly bushwhack my way through to it.  This is going to be hard work and require much initial investment of time, dedication and energy.  I can only do it with God’s help and impetus.

Should I accomplish these two goals this year, I will be in a wonderful position to be more insightful, more free and creative, and more productive.  Since I find that end result compelling, I hope I’ll be able to stick through all that is required to get there.

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