Balmy February Hike at Huntington (Photos)

Balmy February Hike at Huntington (Photos)

Balmy February Hike at Huntington

Last week I hiked at Putnam Park and thought weather in the 40’s was remarkable for February in Connecticut. This week, I hiked at Huntington State Park in bizarrely unseasonable weather in the 50’s.

Last week, I was seeing compositions everywhere and photographing them. This time I did as well, and you can see those results in this post. I’ll probably use these as photo references for paintings, but I also enjoy them all on their own.

Where Putnam Park sported golden yellows with bright blue skies, Huntington was a symphony of taupe and gray, with vivid splashes of moss (or lichen) green. It sure did feel good to be out of doors!



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  1. Sue Krevitt 4 years ago

    My goodness! Such a Show of Nature’s Bounty through your lens!!

    Thank you again, Polly, for sharing your expression of Life!!

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