Hike At Putnam Park (Compositional Photo References)

Hike At Putnam Park (Compositional Photo References)

Hike at Putmam Park Compositional Photo References



In the spirit of maintaining margin, as I emphasized in my recent poem, I got out yesterday for a nice hike at Putnam Park. Our February has been unseasonably warm, so this scene, familiar to me over many years, did not look like any season I’ve photographed before. The colors were blue and gold, burnt siena, and grey, with even hints of green.

Because I had given my talk on abstraction the night before, I was seeing compositions everywhere. In this post are some of the images I captured that I thought made great references for abstract work.




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  1. Mary Jo 4 years ago

    Enjoyed thinking about the compositions in the photos in relation to artistic composition.

  2. Patti 4 years ago

    Yesterday was amazing and the sky was so blue. I went for a hike too but your photography is leaps and bounds above mine. Thanks for posting. I didn’t know Puntam Park was that captivating. I’ll have to go there.


  1. […] last week, when I was seeing compositions everywhere and photographing them, this time I did as well, and you can see those results in this post. I’ll probably use these […]

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