New Method of Making Monoprinted Collage Papers

New Method of Making Monoprinted Collage Papers

New way to make collage papers

I’ve been delighted to discover a new way to make collage papers that I enjoy, even though it is a slow process.

Brayer acrylic paint onto a Gelliplate and then spritz it with water. The paint will bead up on the surface. Allow this to dry. Repeat as many times as desired, building up layers and complexity. Let each dry completely. Lastly I’ve been putting a layer of matte medium, followed by the paper I want to print it onto. I rub the paper down well and wait for the matte medium to dry. Then I pull the print.

That is how these pictured on this post were done. Some look like little paintings in themselves (like the one above) and will find their way into my artist journals. Others will be collaged into my paintings. I may work on some bigger ones as paintings themselves to sell directly as monoprints.

I’m setting up a litle station in my studio to have a few small ones in the works while other things are going on, mastering the process. The time they take is negligible, and is mostly spent in hands off drying time. It is not the quickest collage fodder I’ve ever made, but it is among the most interesting, with endless color combination possibilities.

Arn’t they fascinating?









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  1. Jane Cheema 6 months ago

    I love these and that the colors are so beautifully enhanced by each other. I think that they would make the most wonderful scarves. Do you think that these creations could also be printed on silk?

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