Austin’s Blanton Museum and Ellsworth Kelly Form into Spirit Show

Austin’s Blanton Museum and Ellsworth Kelly Form into Spirit Show

Austin's Blanton Museum and Ellsworth Kelly Form into Spirit Show

While we were in Austin, we enjoyed a visit to the Blanton Museum of Art. The special show was titled “Form into Spirit”, highlighting Ellsworth Kelly’s work, and in particular his chapel. Having just seen his work at the Menil and visiting the Rothko Chapel days before, this felt like a continuation of a theme. The two chapels were very different with Ellsworth Kelly painting in spare geometric forms (but also in black and white) the stations of the Cross. He was also interested in spectrum work and the  light from the stained glass pooled deliciously on the floor.

We happened to at the Blanton while there was live music in the foyer, which was a delightful addition. Also, I enjoyed the architecture of the place, which I have a few photos of below. Most notable for me was the outdoor corridor, and the blue tile in the foyer that catches light in fabulous abstract ways. The modern art collection was good too!

Enjoy my photos below, and visit this place when you can.


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